Jan Shepherd  
Transformation from the Insight Out will help you achieve

Self-acceptance versus shame and demoralization

A Sense of self worth versus lack of boundaries

Self-trust versus anxiety and disappointment

Nurturing versus feelings of deprivation

Maturation and acceptance of ambiguity versus black-and-white thinking

Positive self-talk, and focusing on the good versus false expectations and perfectionism

Awareness and fantasy-assessment versus magical thinking

Healing the past and laying new tracks versus arrested development

Staying present, rerouting your thoughts, and taking action steps that lift your emotions versus catastrophic thinking.

  Transformation from the Inside out begins by recognizing patterns that no longer serve you. We then work toward taking on new beliefs and patterns of behavior. This is not therapy; I do not sit and analyze what is “wrong” with you. Rather than dwelling on perceived deficiencies, I look at what is true and what is working—we build on what is “right.” I work with the whole person: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

If you want to transform anything in your life, you must be willing to make changes in your consciousness as well as your belief system. My personal transformation is centered on a food-based addiction, but that is not the extent of my work. I work with people who have a wide range of issues. Everyone has something they use, whether it’s food, alcohol, watching television, becoming a workaholic, overspending, or any of the others on the list. These addictive patterns are symptomatic of larger issues of self-worth. Patterns are addictive because they make us feel safe; they help us avoid the experience of pain. For the purpose of simplification, I’m going to call these “fillers”—because we use addictive patterns to fill, block, plug up, or attempt to satisfy what we feel unable to satisfy on our own.

This work is about transforming lives. It is for those who want to move forward. If your work is based on a food issue, it will not involve dieting or any form of deprivation because statistics have proven that diets fail—in fact, experts have gone so far as to prove that diets can cause obesity. This work is about staying true to yourself and grounding yourself in who you are. The bottom line is being willing to face all facets of yourself, with loving and compassion knowing you are worthy of living a full life.
Just as we focus on changing patterns, we also focus on self-care by picking areas to improve that are attainable, and that increase your flexibility and ability to adapt to change in a sustainable way. For instance, as we move you away from focusing only on how you look, the concentration will become overall health. Then you will get more in touch with and accept your current reality, including your body, relationships, and whole circumstances. As you truly begin to start loving and accepting yourself, knowing where you are, you can move forward.

My work is to help you empower yourself to make the choices that you want with loving and awareness. You do the inner work necessary to free yourself, and the outer form comes along with you. I will guide you and I will walk with you, but you do the work. Willingness and intention are what you bring. I will share my knowledge, experience, and loving support and stand by you as you walk your walk.
We will work to transform Negative Thinking to Positive Focus
Emotional patterns we will work to transform:
  • Using fillers to stuff emotions (depression, loneliness, sadness, anger)
  • Using fillers to avoid action (not confronting the real problem)
  • Using fillers to punish yourself (letting your false self win)
  • Using fillers to plug up the empty places (in place of fulfilling relationships)
  • Using fillers to block childhood’s empty places (in place of healing the past)
  • Using fillers to get back at others (as a false sense of control)
  • Using fillers to make you sick (creating an excuse for not being your best self)
  • Using fillers to avoid intimacy (not trusting yourself or knowing your own worth)
  • Using fillers to avoid maturity (choosing not to take care of yourself responsibly)
  • Using fillers to suppress your fear (to combat feelings of vulnerability).

As long as you avoid experiencing your emotions, you will resort to addictive patterns. When you decide that being loving to yourself is your highest priority, you are on your way to Transformation.

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