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Throughout my professional and personal life, I’ve placed great value on two principles: integrity and wisdom. Jan Shepherd has them both.

—Frank Price
Former President and Chairman, Columbia Pictures

I’ve always believed that the true experts of the world are those who don’t talk a game, but who have played and won themselves. This is exactly what qualifies Jan to be an expert in the field of weight loss. Her personal struggle from overweight to healthy is an inspiration to us all.

—Heide Banks
Executive Director, Center for Partnership Studies

If you have ever wished you had a personal Guardian Angel or a Fairy Godmother who loved you and would only give you the wisest and most true, loving, and visionary counsel, Jan Shepherd is it. She has a laser beam to the heart of any issue and sage-like insight. She has transformed herself, and through it all has been an unfailing guide and mentor to others. She will clarify your vision, and lift you from negativity into belief in yourself, and most importantly, to knowing who you are, the most essential element for happiness or success. She has been my friend and life guide for twenty-five years, and if I could give anyone a true gift, it would be time with her.

—Katherine Price
Artist and Philanthropist

Jan Shepherd is one of the most astute, authentic, experienced facilitators I know. Her ability to see the issue beneath the challenge area is phenomenal. She walks her talk and personal transformation is absolutely the name of her game. Anyone who gets to spend time with her will benefit enormously from the experience.

—Debbie Robins
Founder, scoreBIG

I’ve known Jan Shepherd through all of her changes, all of her ups and downs. During her transformation, one thing has remained constant—she is the embodiment of living joy. To her friends, her family, her clients, in fact, anyone who has ever met her, has been fortunate enough to experience what is meant by unconditional love. As one of those whose life she has touched and blessed, I am so much the better for it.

—Marc Daniels
Performance Improvement Manager, Fortune 500 Company

I have known Jan for many years and have been moved by her transformation, inner and outer. The wisdom she has gained through this journey will be a gift to anyone who chooses to counsel with her.

—Arianna Huffington
Editor in Chief, The Huffington Post
Author of eleven books, including On Becoming Fearless

Jan Shepherd has the unique gift of bringing clarity and focus in those areas where we all can get “stuck.” She is a transformer; Jan transformed her life and she can do it for you too!

—Shelley Reid
Vice-President, Scripps Network, Inc.

Jan, to me, is the goddess of nurturing combined with the skills and abilities that enable her to see the possibilities for people. Having her as a guide can help clients get to the other side of their transformation and have a good time as well!

—Agapi Stassinopoulos
Author of Conversations with the Goddesses and
Gods and Goddesses In Love

I have met very few people in my lifetime who are able to combine exceptional insight, intuition, and a nurturing demeanor in support of others as they find their way. Jan stands out in this group. It has been my experience as I interact with Jan that she holds a space that enhances my ability to be in touch with myself on a deep level. What great support this has been for my growth.

—Howard Lazar

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